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We strongly believe in diversity, inclusion, and equal opportunities in business. It's in our DNA.

Our goal is to empower women and members of underrepresented groups, and support companies in driving diversity, embracing inclusion and achieving equality to enable sustainable innovation.

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“Diversity: the art of thinking independently together.”

- Malcolm Forbes -


Diversity Natives

Diversity Natives was founded by Britta Muzyk-Tikovsky on the verge of Diversity Day in 2016. She had been part of Annette Leonhard-MacDonald’s “Inspiring Female Founders” initiative which she took over from Annette.

Although women make up the largest part of underrepresented groups when it comes to diversity, Britta wanted to put the initiative on a broader basis and include everybody within the different diversity spectrums.

The reason: Considering all diversity aspects is key for any business segment - from startups to the corporate world  - in order to create fair and sustainable solutions. Inclusion, equality and belonging subsequently are paramount for enabling innovation that ensures a resilient future for all.

The goal of Diversity Natives is to empower women and members of underrepresented groups and to support companies in embedding DEIB from top management down to teams with the right competency mix while enabling a culture of mutual trust, respect and allyship.

Additionally, during our Speakers Nights we're connecting the community with inspiring speakers and and role models.


Britta Muzyk-Tikovsky

Britta is a strategic business development professional with +25 years of experience in the technology sector after acquiring a Master of Business and Engineering from the University of Applied Sciences, Karlsruhe, Germany.

She is founder and managing director of Capscovil Innovation Agency where she develops business strategies, creative concepts, and unique content to help clients accelerate innovation, sustainability, and diversity, and in bridging the gap between startups and the corporate world. Before founding Capscovil, Britta had worked for more than 15 years at well-renowned companies such as W.L. Gore, Teradyne and Intel.

As editor-in-chief of Chillipicks – a knowledge platform and newsletter – she regularly curates and writes about unusual innovation, emerging trends and bleeding-edge research from around the world related to sustainability, diversity and ethics.

With her alter ego, she ventures into the world where technology and realistic fiction meet. Alice N. York is co-author of electric vehicle spy novel “Project Black Hungarian”, author of diversity novel “GAME-Faint Signals” and has written several short stories including “The Chance”.

Connect with Britta on LinkedIn.

“Our ability to reach unity in diversity will be the beauty and the test of our civilisation.”

- Mahatma Gandhi -

Short stories written by bachelor students based on their academic research on intercultural management

Storytelling project in cooperation with University of Applied Sciences, Krems, Austria

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Project Clean Drop

Unexpected Encounter

North Versus South

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